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Camp Frelinghuysen
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78th Lightning Division
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104th Engineers
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113th New Jersey Regiment
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312th U. S. Infantry
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Essex Troop
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First Regiment Armory
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Roseville Armory (Essex Troop)
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U.S.S. Newark
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Random files - Newark Military
Friendly Letters Page 04257 viewsPublished by the Newark Y. M. & Y. W. H. A. for Men and Women
in the Armed Forces from Essex County.

Submitted by Nat Bodian
Takes Over 102d Command530 views
First Troop Will Escort President316 views1912
Stage Door Canteen272 viewsHarry James with his "secret weapon"
Friendly Letters Page 16338 viewsPublished by the Newark Y. M. & Y. W. H. A. for Men and Women
in the Armed Forces from Essex County.

Submitted by Nat Bodian

Pvt. Morton Dvores
Morris Nurin
Lou Nurin
Sheila Nurin
Babe Sorin
Jose Ann Steinbock
Harriet Kemper
Ruth Lieb
Martha Krohn
Miriam Kane
Nat Rosenbloom
Sylvia Weisenfeld
Claire Herscovitz
Ruth Lewitter
Ellen Scolfield
Page 08341 views
Page 5366 views
233 viewsImage from the National Archives

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U. S. Army Air Waring Service39 viewsAircraft Observers on the steps of City HallMar 21, 2019
Sword Practice23 viewsPhoto from the Library of CongressMar 16, 2019
Propose Lofty Shaft or Tower as City's Tribute to Soldiers21 viewsFebruary 23, 1919Mar 05, 2019
Brown, Sgt. William H.30 viewsCivil WarFeb 21, 2019
312th Infantry Returning47 viewsHere is the photo of the returning troops, from the 312th Infantry Regiment, marching in Newark in 1919. You can tell whether soldiers are coming or going by their hats. These men have the overseas cap, which means they are returning. Soldiers went overeseas with the wide brimmed campaign hat, which proved unusable overseas. These men are also carrying the US Model 1917 rifle, rather than the Model 1903 Springfield. The 1917, originally a British pattern, was manufactured in the US and converted to the US caliber ammunition when production of the 1903 could not keep up with demand.
Photo from Joe Bilby
Feb 09, 2019
Off to War325 viewsPhoto from NNJMFeb 22, 2018
1911 Map298 viewsFeb 21, 2018
1916310 viewsPhoto from "Official Programme Newark's Anniversary Industrial Exposition 1916"Feb 19, 2018