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215 viewsImage from the National Archives
Lester, Harold J.286 viewsMarch 23, 1919 Newark Sunday Call
260 viewsImage from the National Archives
1911 Map284 views
Washington's Army Entering Newark448 views
Thomas, Loyd348 views

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Baron, Fred 4 viewsMelbourne, Australia. United States Army hospital. Left to right - Sargeant Alfred Baron, Newark, New Jersey; Staff Sargeant J. N. Sproule, Troy, New York; Staff Sargeant James R. Barbee, Springhope, North Carolina; Private Paul Greene, New York City, in medical store room
1943 - Library of Congress
Mar 26, 2019
U. S. Army Air Waring Service6 viewsAircraft Observers on the steps of City HallMar 21, 2019
Sword Practice5 viewsPhoto from the Library of CongressMar 16, 2019
Propose Lofty Shaft or Tower as City's Tribute to Soldiers7 viewsFebruary 23, 1919Mar 05, 2019
Brown, Sgt. William H.13 viewsCivil WarFeb 21, 2019
312th Infantry Returning26 viewsHere is the photo of the returning troops, from the 312th Infantry Regiment, marching in Newark in 1919. You can tell whether soldiers are coming or going by their hats. These men have the overseas cap, which means they are returning. Soldiers went overeseas with the wide brimmed campaign hat, which proved unusable overseas. These men are also carrying the US Model 1917 rifle, rather than the Model 1903 Springfield. The 1917, originally a British pattern, was manufactured in the US and converted to the US caliber ammunition when production of the 1903 could not keep up with demand.
Photo from Joe Bilby
Feb 09, 2019
Rotunda Jr., Joseph Ralph28 viewsPhoto from George SonaJan 30, 2019
Guy, Dorothy18 viewsTwenty-four of the first contingent of Afro-American nurses assigned to the European Theater of Operations land in England. August 21, 1944
Second row from the bottom, third from the left: Dorothy Guy from 50 13th Avenue, Newark, New Jersey
Photo and caption from the Library of Congress
Jan 27, 2019